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The Navi tells about the absolute peace that will reign in the world when Moshiach comes, affecting even the animal kingdom - “the wolf will lie with the lamb”. The root cause of this phenomenon will be the overwhelming “knowledge of Hashem” permeating every corner of the universe. Therein lies the key to attaining peace at all levels, even before its ultimate version in the era of Moshiach: introducing G-dliness elevates the factions at odds and can automatically dissolve the divisions.

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Your Part in Cultivating a Harmonious World

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Most Jewish festivals commemorate a past event coupled with an effort to learn lessons for the present. The eighth day of Passover is different. On this date, we celebrate the ultimate, future Redemption by Moshiach (Jewish Messiah), with an effort to live presently with a future-focus.
The highlight of this festival is the traditional ‘Feast of Moshiach’ held in the evening at the conclusion of Passover. This unique feast is dedicated to leaning into the message of our future freedom from the limitations of Exile, transforming it into a mindset for the year ahead.
Festival of the Future is the annual "Moshiach Day" when synagogues, families and Jewish groups worldwide celebrate a forward-facing historic, nearly-complete mission. Through educational programs, inspirational messages, and engaging activities, we are inspired by the vision of a future messianic era and its effect on the here and now.


Ephraim Silverman
Chabad of Cobb

"Shluchim spend so much time and energy preparing for the seder, this resource gives them everything they need to host a Moshiach Seudah and Acharon Shel Pesach programs with ease."


Nissan Dovid Dubov
Chabad of Wimbledon

"We are living in a crazy world. Things are happening we never thought would happen.  Seudas Moshiach is the perfect time to share a Moshiach Mindset bringing clarity, focus and calm."


Levi Naparstek
S.O.S. of Montreal

"The greatest aspect of this program is that it makes geulah relevant to your community members. The theme gives a focus which makes the impact on their minds much greater."

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Festival of the Future

is a Project of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302

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